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Beach House Box


Beach House Box

The Beach House Box weighs 5kg or 10kg, and is perfect for any household that is looking for an easy and delicious options for meals. The beef is from grass fed and finished Black Angus cattle raised on our farm.  The Box contains Porterhouse Steaks, Rump Steak, a Roast, Diced Chuck, Burgers, Sausages and Mince.

The different cuts of beef are in individual packs (all in cryovac except the Sausages), and the Mince and Sausage packs each weigh approximately 500gm.

Short Ribs, Osso Bucco, Brisket, diced Chuck Steak, Corned Beef, Mince, Sausages or Burgers are available to substitute in, by request and if available. Please note any preferences at checkout.

Annual Subscriptions are available, with 10% off all Beef Boxes.  Boxes can be delivered 2, 3, 4 or 6 times within 12 months.  Please refer to the Annual Subscription option to subscribe.


Estimated delivery dates in the weeks of 18 June (sold out), 27 August and 17 September 2024.  Customers will be contacted to confirm the delivery date.

Please indicate any delivery instructions or preferences in the special requests form before checkout, and we will contact you to confirm the delivery date.

We offer free delivery across Victoria. You can find more information on our delivery page or contact us with any queries.

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