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About Us & Our Cattle

Mount Moriac Beef delivers premium grass fed and finished Black Angus beef directly to customers across Victoria.

Eliza Holt and Jim McKenna breed Black Angus cattle on their farm in Mount Moriac, in the Surf Coast hinterland.  The cattle are grown and raised in the paddocks of their farm, and they are grass fed and finished.

Eliza and Jim have chosen their cattle from the Murdeduke Angus stud, based upon their quality and temperament. Eliza and Jim handle their cattle quietly, in a stress free environment, and the results speak for themselves.

Eliza grew up on a cattle station, Delmore Downs Station, in the Northern Territory, and Jim quickly fell in love with the land and cattle after he met Eliza. Jim spent most of his summer holidays in Jan Juc and loves to surf, so Mount Moriac was a perfect place for them to settle. Their two young children, have grown up around cattle, and are often in the cattle yards and paddocks with their parents.

Mount Moriac is cattle fattening country, and the volcanic soils provide the cattle with pastures rich in ryegrass and clover. The cattle are grass fed and finished, and the beef is tender, tasty and well marbled.


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