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What is in your beef boxes?  Premium grass fed Black Angus Beef.  Each beef box contains a different combination of beef, so please refer to the description for each of our boxes.  We will contain a combination of premium steaks, slow cooking meat such as roasts, short ribs, and osso bucco, and mince and gluten free sausages.

Am I able to change what is in a beef box?  Yes, please contact us first or put your preferences down at checkout.  

Are your sausages gluten free? Yes. Our sausages contain 90% beef, rice flour, salt, minerals, spice extract.

How long can I store your beef in the fridge?  It depends on the cut of beef and its packaging.  Most of the beef is packaged in cryovac (not the sausages), which means it lasts longer in the fridge.  Each package will have best before dates on them.

Can I freeze your beef?  Yes.

Should I do anything with beef in cryovac packaging?  Yes, we recommend rinsing it in cool water, after it is removed from its packaging, then pat dry with a paper towel, before cooking.

Where can we buy your beef boxes? You can buy beef boxes from us on our website. Our beef boxes are delivered directly to you, or can be collected form the Moriac General Store.

Where can we buy your beef? Our beef is available to purchase online, or by contacting us directly for a custom order, or at the Moriac General Store or Forrest General Store.

Is your beef served at restaurants?  Yes, our beef is served at Tulip Restaurant, Alma Restaurant, Little Green Corner and the Local Cafe in Geelong, the Q Train in Queenscliff, Samesyn in Torquay, Gentle Annie's in Pennyroyal, and Movida Lorne.

Can I buy individual cuts of beef from you directly?  Please contact us and we will organise a custom order for you.  

Where do you deliver to? We deliver across Victoria, with no delivery fee. We deliver to homes, restaurants, businesses, and offices, wherever you prefer!  

Can we collect our beef box from you? We do not have a farm gate shop, however you can collect your beef box from Moriac General Store by prior arrangement.

Do you have a subscription? Yes, we have an annual subscription on all of our Beef Boxes, and on regular custom orders.  Please get in touch to discuss.

Are your cattle fed grain? No. 

What do your cattle eat? Our cattle eat grass and hay.

What type of cattle do you have? Black Angus. All of our cattle have Murdeduke Angus Stud blood.  

Are you certified organic? No. 

Are your cattle free range? Yes.

Do you use hormones on your cattle? No.

Do you use antibiotics on your cattle? On rare occasions we will use antibiotics to treat our cattle if they have an infection as we do not want them to suffer or be ill, and to help them recover.

If your question isn't answered above, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

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