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Whole Brisket


Whole Brisket $25 per kg

Weighing approximately 5kg to 7kg, the Briskets are from grass fed and finished Black Angus cattle raised on our farm.  

The cut is packaged in cryovac.  The Brisket can be cut and packaged into portions, by request.

Please note that the weights of Briskets will vary depending on the animal, and that the $100 payment is a deposit only.  An invoice will be sent for the remaining once the final weight is known.


Estimated delivery dates in the weeks of 27 August, 17 September, 8 and 29 October, and 26 November 2024.  Customers will be contacted to confirm the delivery date.

Please indicate any delivery instructions or preferences in the special requests form before checkout, and we will contact you to confirm the delivery date.

We offer free delivery across Victoria. You can find more information on our delivery page or contact us with any queries.

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