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Beef Short Ribs

Eliza Holt

Posted on October 25 2018

Beef Short Ribs

Every BBQ aficionado has a great method and recipe for cooking Beef Short Ribs. Here are two recipes that we have tried and been recommended.  

Mount Moriac Beef's Short Ribs come in the BBQ Box, Slow Cooking Box, Mount Moriac Beef Box and in some Mini Beef Boxes.


Tim’s Short Ribs

Rub a herb and spices mix (of your choice) onto the Short Ribs. Then baste the Short Ribs in a BBQ Sauce (of your choice). Let the Short Ribs sit in the marinade for as long as possible.

Place the Short Ribs, rib side down, on the BBQ on high heat until they start to reduce (shrink down).  

Once the Short Ribs have reduced, place them into an oven dish and cover with a lid. Place the Short Ribs into the oven at 100 degrees for a minimum of 5 hours.

Every 45 minutes baste the Short Ribs with more BBQ sauce.  

Note, if the Short Ribs caramelize or burn, or the fat is turning to crackling, the oven is too hot.


Cara’s Ribs

Glaze the Short Ribs in a mixture of melted butter, mustard, white wine vinegar, ketchup, Worcester sauce and honey.

Place the Short Ribs, rib side down, on the BBQ, and cook low and slow for a minimum of 5 hours.

Beef Short Ribs Mount Moriac Beef

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